• Based Tullimbar, Southern Illawarra, NSW, Australia
  • School age – Old Age!
  • Group lessons available- BYO group or register interest
  • Degree qualified teacher with WWCC.

Music: not only an amazing personal creative release, but also an incredible means of human connection- whether it be ripping out that classic song to a Sunday session audience, performing your own soul-driven compositions, providing soundtrack to some of life’s hugest moments, or just jamming out with friends.

Lessons at Tune! are designed to give students the tools to explore, create and perform the music they love, and to connect with like minded musicians and audiences. We focus on popular and contemporary styles and aim to tailor repertoire to suit the learner.

Our main teacher, Glenn Whitehall, has taught a variety of classes at the Australian Institute of Music for over 7 years, currently tutors at Shellharbour Anglican College, and has taught privately for over 10 years- and continues to work as a pro vocalist & guitarist around the Illawarra, South Coast, Sydney & across Australia with some of our country’s best players and singers. (www.glennwhitehall.com)

Based in Tullimbar, (southern Illawarra, NSW), learn with an experienced, degree qualified teacher in a relaxed, professional home studio environment.

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Why “Tune”?

Couple of reasons- the main one coming from a great comment I’d heard in an interview with a well known musician- when asked for his one most important piece of advice to pass on to other musicians, his response was “Always tune your guitar”! Simple right?

For us, it means do the preparation. Practise. Spend the time in the music. Get to know your instrument. Warm up before rehearsing or performing. Get your game face on!


What is #commitcreateconnect ?

Our hashtag sums up our approach to music.

Commit- Do the time. It might not always feel like the thing we want to spend time on, but if we’re aiming to grow our musical ability, we have to do the practise, run the exercises, search out the inspiration. It’s worth it!

Create- Explore what YOU do with music- whether it be your unique approach to a cover song, or your own original material, shape it in a way that resonates with you and your life-experience.

Connect- Music is an amazing means of direct human connection, and this is the end goal of our commitment to creating our art.